WPC Exterior Deckings

Product Description

WPC decking, the ultimate eco friendly and resilient alternative to natural wood decking. Manufactured from high quality hardwood fibres and plastic resins, WPC is truly a remarkable combination of nature & technology designed to offer the same asthetical & physical properties of hardwood but has none of the drawbacks and limitations of real timber.


  • Great Looking, Hard wearing modern decking
    Leben wpc decking is a range of 100% weather proof decking that can handle the most extreme weather conditions. All the looks of natural wood decking and none of the drawbacks makes our decking the ideal choice for outdoor landscaping in areas such as patios, pool sides, balconys, Roof tops, etc.
  • Strong & Durable
    Made from high quality synthetic resins and hardwood fibres, Leben wpc decking Is truly a unique combination of nature and technology, offering great beauty, exceptional strength & remarkable durability. It does not fade, crack, or splinter even under intense sunlight or harsh weather conditions unlike natural timber.


  • Easy to Install
    Simple & quick to Install, Leben wpc decking requires no heavy tools and can be installed within hours with just simple wood working tools. Concealed clips provide even spacing and lock each plank precisely into place to give a neat & clean finish.
  • Easy to Maintain
    Leben decking requires no painting, polishing or oiling for years to come. It does not decay or rot due to fungul or insect attack & can be easily cleaned using a high pressure jet or even simple washing does the job.
  • Affordable
    Leben wpc decking is not only durable & resilient but also budget friendly in comparison to real timber decking and the maintainence costs Involved. Easy & Quick to install, saves labour cost as well.
  • Best in class Warranty
    Complete peace of mind with the best in class warranty, 25 yrs Indoor & 10 years outdoor warranty against fading, cracking, warping and swelling.
  • Environment Friendly
    Our decking is made from 100% recycled harwood fibres and plastics. No trees are cut for the production of Leben decking and the wood fibres used in the manufacturing are taken from industrial surpluses.